The 2016 October Powsurf Sessions

You won’t hear us complaining about snow in October.  Always a pleasure!  Hiking around backcountry using VERTS, one of the best ways to get around in the pow.

The “Powder Slut” 140cm 3D, Barracuda 140cm 3D, and Keiki 99cm were the boards featured in this short film. 

Shot, Edited, Directed, and Produced by Jeremy Jensen

Music: “Like a Leaf from a Tree in Its Dying Season”  By I Hear Sirens.


Yea. Nice
Mtn Approach
Bluebird Wax
Remind Insoles
Cheetah Factory Racing
Owner Operator


Boards featured and seen in this episode

Grassroots Powderslut 140cm 3D Model powsurfer. Handcrafted in Utah. Ullr Graphic
Barracuda 3D Model bindingless powsurfer handcrafted in Utah by Grassroots Powdersurfing
Grassroots Slasher 120cm Powsurfer