Every rider has their own unique style,  their own idea of what type of terrain they want to ride and how they want to ride it.  Some may want to push the limits of skate-style trickery, some might be into charging the steepest lines out there, and some may just want to cruise some mellow pow fields. No matter what type of riding you want to do we design a board that will fit your needs.  We shape boards for deep powder, shallow powder, slush/muck, mellow freestyle riding, big mountain freestyle riding, directional charging, crusing open bowls, whipping thru trees, dropping cliffs… you get the point.

We enjoy creating rideable art almost as much as we love riding it. We hope you will enjoy browsing our variety of shapes, builds, and styles until you find the perfect board for you. Our Stock Shapes (below) are a sure bet for great all around performance at the best price. Our collection of Specialty Powsurfers are look and perform unlike any boards on earth with eye catching designs in a variety of graphic choices. Our Wooden Classics have a natural beauty all their own. The hardest part is picking just one, so by all means, invest in a quiver.

Twin140 205x220 Boards
Powder Skate Twin
Slashers1 205x220 Boards
Sluts 205x220 Boards
Powder Slut
Sharks 205x220 Boards
Powder Shark


DIRECTIONAL- Designed and shaped primarily for directional riding, although some models are capable of backwards riding. If you are looking to cruise pow runs, don’t plan on riding backwards much and you are not into trying to spin and flip your powsurfer, then the Directional Shapes page or Custom Shapes page are good places to start.

TWIN- These are our most versatile shapes. They float extremely well, are stable when charging bigger & steeper lines, and allow you infinite stance options. If you want the freedom to ride forward and backwards and you want to push the limits of freestyle powder riding in small and large terrain then visit our Twin Shapes page.

PopShuvit Twin Boards

Click to learn more about our twin powsurfers

DirectionalSLASH Boards

Click to learn more about our directional powsurfers

CUSTOM- If you are looking for something different, or you are looking for a board that is perfectly customized to fit your specific height, weight and foot size, visit our Custom Shapes page for details on available shapes and models.

 J turboTrail Pblditch22 Boards

more 80x201 Boards