Splitsurf the Pow – The Powsurf Chronicles Episode 9

Grassroots Transformer and Classic Split-surfer Models

“Transformer” and “Classic” Split-surfers Available for Pre-Order

2016-17 Grassroots Split-surfer models expand access possibilities, making the most functional and durable powsurfers on earth even more versatile. This isn’t the solution for everyone, but for riders with long ascent/descents and those wanting to access side country via ski resorts it’s a great way to access more powsurfing terrain.

Jeremy Jensen Interview – Starfish Magazine

Grassroots came up big in the latest issue of Starfish Snowskate Magazine with the cover, a full page ad, and an 8 page interview with Jeremy Jensen – Founder/Owner/Designer/Shaper/Builder/Cinematographer/Photographer/Web Designer/PR Guy/etc.. of Grassroots Powdersurfing.  Jeremy is obviously a very busy man (which would explain the lack of blog posts this year) but he (I) found some time to sit down and answer a few questions about surfing powder, videography, photography, and Grassroots Powsurfers.

Peep it.

And finally, our ad.  Please help us keep the dream alive and Buy a Grassroots Powsurfer today!

Powdersurf Split-Board

Behold the first ever powdersurf split-board

I finally finished my first (and possibly the world’s first) split Powdersurf board. I can’t wait to try this bad boy out. Hippies will be tripping balls when they see me blow by them on this little unit.

The wife was not stoked on this mess.