Hokkaido Country Duff – The Powsurf Chronicles Ep 12

We paid a visit to the land of the rising sun in 2014, a life-long dream come true for us. In Hokkaido we found great friends, blower powder conditions and a truly awesome culture to soak up. This place is a powsurfer’s dream come true in so many ways with almost overwhelming options for good times. This short film is just a couple of days in a 10 day adventure we will never forget.

Riders: Jeremy Jensen & Craig Stevenson

Edited, Directed, and Produced by Jeremy Jensen


Yea. Nice
Mtn Approach
Bluebird Wax
Remind Insoles
Cheetah Factory Racing
Owner Operator


Boards featured and seen in this episode

Grassroots Great White 140cm 3D Model powsurfer. Handcrafted in Utah.
Grassroots Powder Skate 120cm Twin designed for consistent riding forward and backwards and opening up the doors for freestyle progression.