Splitsurfing is the ultimate mode of  backcountry travel to access the best powsurfing terrain on earth. So we didn’t waste any time in creating them.  Grassroots Powsurf crated the world’s first splitsurfer in 2008 (that was before 99% of the worlde even knew what a “powsurfer” was) and has worked diligently to improve design and function by dropping weight, simplifying parts, creating customized ascent bindings and incorporating 3-Dimensional  bases.
We offer the Splitsurfer in a variety of shapes, sizes & widths to fit any size rider. We’ve created an ultralight ascent binding system to work flawlessly with our splitsurfers so riders don’t have to lug around the excess weight and extreme bulk of standard bindings. Our patent-pending design makes for an incredibly light board that is simple and quick to change from ski to surf mode. Lighter than any split snowboard on the market and most certainly more fun!