At Grassroots, we have spent well over a decade of research and development to find the best possible solutions for binding-free powder riding.  Over the past 7 years we’ve shaped and tested over 40 different models so that we can offer the very best powsurfers for any type of riding style.  We offer Twin Shapes to enable and encourage a new form of freestyle progression, and our broad line of Directional Shapes offer solutions tailored for various riding styles, terrain, and snow qualities that vary from region to region. We also offer some really unique shaped Specialty Powsurfers with various graphic combinations and a gorgeous line of Wooden Classics inspired by vintage surfboards and the natural beauty of wood craft.

Tight zones with consequence.
Jeremy Jensen slashing thru a tight zone on the 140 Powder Slut

Grassroots Powdersurf boards are designed specifically to slay the pow.  They are not recommended for groomers or hardpack snow.  The Powsurfer’s advantage lies where our hearts find the greatest joy – in the fresh powder. Each shape has been heavily tested in a variety of soft snow conditions and terrain from the deepest and driest powder to the soggiest muck and slush. Just like with traditional surfing, conditions have to be right.  No waves = no surfing. No soft snow = no powsurfing. We have had great days riding in as little as 3 inches of dense powder or slush. If the conditions are hardpack or dust on crust, then you are not going to be powsurfing.  We suggest snowboarding, bi-deck snowskating, or just kick back, have a few cold ones and wait for a better day.

Grassroots Powsurfers are not just “snowboards without bindings”, they are designed from the ground up to be ridden completely binding-free.  Because these boards are designed for binding-free riding, the conditions don’t have to be knee deep & perfect powder to be able to ride in full control.  A few inches of soft snow of any type is all it takes. Typical snowboards are designed to be ridden with bindings on packed snow at ski resorts, hence the traditional “snowboard” shape, construction, flex patterns, steel edges, and stance options. Our powsurfers are NOT typical snowboards!  We are not concerned with mimicking a snowboard feel. Our goal was to create a new sensation and form of  powder riding in a more surf-like and skate-like manor.  The result is a unique ride and feel that allows a new form of progression and style that has previously been unattainable on traditional snowboards.

Click on images below for details or visit the Twin Powsurfers or Directional Powsurfers pages for more detailed information.

Grassroots Powder Skate
Powder Skate Twin
Grassroots Slasher
Grassroots Powderslut
Powder Slut
Grassroots Powder Shark
Powder Shark

Shape & Size

Our powsurfers are much shorter than traditional snowboards. Don’t let this discourage you, they are designed this way for good reason.  Given the width and shape of our boards, combined with the stance required to control a binding-free board, you will be floating better on this 140cm board than you do on your current “powder specific” snowboard.  Stand on the 140 and take note of the 20 inches of “nose” in front of your front foot. Good luck sinking that nose.  For an idea of how our 120cm boards ride in 18″ of light powder check out this video. We have designed our boards to be as versatile as possible in conditions ranging from 5″ – 30″ (12 – 76cm) of powder.

Click the images below to explore our collection of Grassroots Wooden Classics and our specialty shapes and graphic combinations.

Classic Wood Powsurfers - Grassroots Powdersurfing

Grassroots Specialty Shapes



Handcrafted in Logan, UtahOur boards are handcrafted in an earth friendly manor using the highest quality materials possible. We use eco-friendly bio-resins to minimize our impact on the environment and strive to create best product possible. We take extreme care in minimizing our footprint because we love this world we live in and we care about the future generations to come.

The ingredients here are simple. Hardwoods, bio-resins, Ptex, and EVA foam. We believe that there is no need for metal edges and excess synthetics, we are happy to trim off that fat. Our boards are handcrafted in small batches by the hands of people who’s passion lies in slashing powder and giving something back to the mountain riding culture.

We offer both wood base and Ptex base boards in most models. Go entirely green with a gorgeous wood base board or choose the faster and more durable Ptex base.


The best powsurf traction on earth

Grassroots 3D Traction pad and foot scraper, the perfect balance of traction and adjustability.

The grip on the top of a powsurfer is extremely important to the riders ability to effectively control the board.  Just like riding a surfboard, the ability to shift your feet into various locations on the top of the board is crucial to allow the rider precision control when dealing with changing slope angles, and varying depths/consistency of snow. We’ve invested years into testing various forms of traction to create the lightest, smoothest, and most functional solution available.  Our 1/4″ thick medium density foam with custom built-in concave gives extra leverage for precision control. The rider’s feet sink in deep and grip hard when a turn is initiated but still allows the rider to easily adjust foot positioning.  When you need to slide your back foot back to pop an ollie, or move your feet into kickflip position it’s that simple. When your feet suddenly lose prime positioning on a bumpy ride you simply slide them back into place and you are good to go. There is a fine line between too much traction and not enough traction and we feel like we’ve found the perfect balance. The smooth surface allows snow and ice is to be easily brushed off with the swipe of a hand and our built-in foot scraper makes cleaning the snow off the bottom of your boot a breeze.

How to choose what is right for you

Every rider has their own unique style,  their own idea of what type of terrain they want to ride and how they want to ride it.  Some may want to push the limits of skate-style trickery, some might be into charging the steepest lines out there, and some may just want to cruise some mellow pow fields. No matter what type of riding you want to do we design a board that will fit your needs.  We shape boards for deep powder, shallow powder, slush/muck, mellow freestyle riding, big mountain freestyle riding, directional charging, crusing open bowls, whipping thru trees, dropping cliffs… you get the point. If you are having trouble deciding after reading all the details, email us with your questions and we will do our best to set you up with the best board for your riding style and the terrain and conditions in your area.

DIRECTIONAL- Our directional boards are designed and shaped to perform best when riding forward, but most still allow the possibility of backwards riding. These boards are very easy to ride and they float like a dream. If you are not concerned with precision control when riding backwards then the Directional Shapes page or Specialty Powsurfers page are good places to start.

TWIN- This is on of our most versatile shapes. It floats extremely well, it’s very agile, and allows you infinite stance options. If you want the freedom to ride forward and backwards with great control and you want to push the limits of freestyle powder riding in small and large terrain then visit our Twin Shapes page for more info.

Hoards of Boards

Designed, shaped, and handcrafted by Jeremy Jensen