We Shape Powsurfers for Every Size of Rider to Excel in Any Type of Terrain

Because one size does NOT fit all
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When you eliminate bindings from the equation, shape and design of the boards is more important than ever. Using various combinations of shape outline, nose and tail profile, 3-dimensional base design, length, width, and rocker we are able to create boards for every type of rider in every type of soft snow condition and any type of terrain.

Choose a board that fits your size, riding style and your environment

..and build your quiver from there.

It doesn’t have to be knee-deep, perfect powder to ride our boards. You simply need a few inches of soft snow, a little bit of skill and a creative mind. The more you have of any of these qualities, the more incredible it gets. We’ve spent years of research and development and thousands of hours building and refining our designs to create boards for true binding-free riding. You won’t need ropes on the nose or a bungie in your hand to turn and control our boards. This is beyond snurfing or noboarding.. This is Powdersurfing!

Designed and Handcrafted by the Pioneers of the Powsurfing Movement

  • Handcrafted with the highest quality materials

P-tex bases: Much more durable, better wax absorption, and most importantly, more speed. More speed = better float, better float = much better control.

Custom Hand-built 3-Dimensional Traction: The interface between the rider and the board is one of the most important factors in powsurfing. This is why we take the time and care to custom build it ourselves.

3-Dimensional Base Technology:
Our patented CDC 3-Dimensional base technology and our MPH (Modern Plaining Hull) 3-Dimensional base technology take powsurfing to the next level. Our base designs and process to create these bases are entirely unique to Grassroots Powdersurfing.

Full Wood Core:
The most important aspect in giving a snowboard “life” and “character” is it’s wood core. Our boards are full wood core; tip to tail, rail to rail. We don’t substitute with plastic and other toxic additives to skimp on a proper wood core.

  • Green MFG practices & sustainable woods

We craft with earth friendly bio-resins and sustainable hardwoods, Taking great care in recycling and re-purposing nearly every bit of waste from our production processes. Our powsurfers are built with pride and made to last a lifetime.

  • Perfect balance of lightness, strength & function

Lightweight & Transitional Flex Pattern:  By experimenting with different woods, adhesives and base profiles, the 2017-18 models are 20-40% lighter than previous years models. They also feature our transitional flex pattern with a softer more flexible nose and stiffer waist & tail to provide the best float and maximum energy transfer when turning.

Perfect Balance of Functional Weight: If too light a powsurfer becomes fragile and easily damaged and the board is easily blown out from under your feet if you take to the air or even un-weight yourself between turns. This leads to unexpected, hard and dangerous slams. A proper weight gives the rider better board feel and board awareness, both on the ground or in the air so you know by feel when its positioned properly under your feet. This weight also helps the rider be able to ollie and control the boards momentum as they fly through the air. With over decade of experience we’ve found the perfect balance of lightness and strength.


We didn’t jump on the powsurf bandwagon, we’ve been driving it since day one. Nobody has anywhere close to the experience we have in riding, shaping and designing powsurfers. Our crew rides more powder days in a season than most people see in a lifetime and we don’t just powsurf on the deep days, we average 70+ days per season on these boards. We design and engineer powsurfers to ride in a wide variety of snow conditions and terrain. That couldn’t happen without hundreds of hours of R&D. Take one look at our films and our instagram feed and see for yourself. We don’t just post pictures of awesome looking boards.. we document them in action so you can see for yourself how well they perform.

  • Building Materials Sourced in the USA

We source materials locally to keep our environment clean and our local economies strong. We don’t believe in building a business at the expense of clean air & water and on the backs of workers in less fortunate countries. Mother earth provides us with a beautiful playground and a happy home. She deserves our respect.


We refuse to follow the poor example of mainstream snowboarding companies. What we have created is far more valuable to us and we won’t allow it to be polluted. You won’t see us outsourcing and taking advantage of less fortunate people in countries with unfair labor laws. You won’t see our products in big box stores. You won’t see us selling out or cutting corners to make and extra buck. You will see us pour our hearts into this and put our passion above profit. We will handcraft the best possible product that can last a lifetime and share it with the world at a fair price. Powsurfing comes straight from the heart and we intend to keep it pure.

“Snowboarding and mountain culture have given me so much over the years. Powdersurfing is my way of giving something special back.”

3-Dimensional Base Technologies

Experience the highest level of performance, float and precision control in all conditions and terrain.

Our patented 3-dimensional base technologies take performance, control, and board feel to the next level. Influenced by hydrodynamics, surfboard shaping and 15 years of powsurfing experience, we’ve developed base designs that give our boards even more float, speed, control and character. After years of experimenting and refining these designs on wood-based prototypes, our 3-dimensional base designs are now available on high quality p-tex bases; providing the fastest glide, best wax absorbtion and superior durability that you’ve come to expect from Grassroots Powdersurfing.

CDC 3-Dimensional Base

Ultimate performance, feel and float for directional powsurfing.

[ezcol_1half]CDC 3-Dimensional base – The subtle convex nose design ensures smooth entry into each turn and displaces snow across the nose of the board and channels it through the double concave waist and tail sections, increasing speed and enhancing float through the mid section where you need it most. These concave channels enhance the riders leverage and add extra bite to the rails, cutting deeper and more efficiently displacing powder as you transition from edge to edge. The board becomes even more responsive to the subtle moments and weight shifts of the rider and you will find yourself cutting sharper and leaning farther into your turns than ever before.[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]This base technology combined with our custom 3-dimensional foam topsheet assures the transfer of energy from rider to board is as efficient as possible. Benefits from this design shine across all types of conditions from deep powder to packed snow and shallow or variable conditions.  The CDC 3-D base is specially designed for directional riding. If you desire a consistent feel and performance while riding forward and backwards we recommend selecting the the flat base or the Blunt 140cm model, featuring our MPH Twin 3-Dimensional base design.[/ezcol_1half_end]

MPH (Modern Plaining Hull) Twin 3-Dimensional Base

Enhanced performance, feel and float with the freedom to ride forward or backwards.

[ezcol_1half]MPH Twin 3-Dimensional base – This base design relies on the combination of two different elements working together to create a highly responsive powsurfer that allows the rider’s stance and weight to be at the center of the board, rather than set back towards the tail.  The first element is the 3-dimensional nose profile, inspired by modern planing hull designs employed by contemporary surfboard shaper Daniel Thompson. A blunt and concaved nose catches and compresses air as the board gains speed creating aerodynamic lift that helps prevent the nose from diving into the snow. This concave nose transitions into double concave rails that run through the waist of the board and merge with a centered snowboard-like sidecut. This gives the rider extra bite in the turns and better performance in the less than ideal conditions.[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]The wide and blunted nose and tail create and hold float in the deeper snow, and this allows us to make a skinnier waist to better handle the shallower conditions as well. The double concave rails then transition back to a concave tail that allows the tail to drop downward in the snow (like a swallow tail snowboard), further assisting the uplift of the nose. Different from all other models, this twin design works best when the rider is centered on the board. This helps the rider hold their centered stance and be able easily transition to riding fakie when coming out of 180 ollies or reverts. Currently the Blunt 140cm model is our only model featuring this design, but we will continue to test and refine these concepts on different shapes in future designs.[/ezcol_1half_end]

Custom Hand-built 3-Dimensional Powder Foam Traction

The perfect combination of traction, board feel, maneuverability and leverage for an ideal and precision interface between your feet and your board.

The design of the interface between the rider and the board is a huge factor in a powsurfer’s performance. Our specially designed 3-dimensional traction pad shines above any other solution as the most advanced and functional traction available. We’ve developed our own special formula in our foam to create grip and durability superior to anything else out there.

Our 3-dimensional traction pad is customized to fit the riders boot size on each board. We also offer Xtreme Grip Tundra Grip that can be applied in addition to create unmatched grip and control in any condition. This is especially helpful in areas with coastal snowpack and freeze/thaw conditions.

  • 3-Dimensional concave Design

    Leverages toe and heel pressure and transfers that energy to the edges of the board. Enhances traction and creates “board feel” so you know where your board is under foot without taking your eyes off the action ahead.

  • Specially formulated material

    This is not your average EVA foam. Our proprietary Powder Foam contains a specially formulated blend of neoprene and EVA to achieve its superior traction characteristics.


    Our material will not soak up water and maintains its characteristics in all temperatures. Whether is -20° or 50°, you’ll have consistent and solid grip.

  • Handcrafted in Logan, Utah - Material Sourced in the USA

    We proudly source our specialized traction material in the USA. This Generates less waste and a lighter carbon footprint.

  • Custom fit

    Specially customized to fit any of our shapes and personally customizable to perfectly fit the riders foot size. Making for the best interface possible for every individual.

  • Dynamic Traction

    The special density and thickness of our material allows for great traction while at the same time your foot positioning can be easily adjusted as you ride. As the rider applies weight into their turns their boot sinks further into the foam and traction increases. The more aggressive and committed the rider’s movements are, the more solid their traction becomes.

  • Smooth surface

    Textured traction traps snow, ice and water, leading to poor grip and frustration. It is nearly impossible to get it clean. The smooth finish of our Powder Foam traction allows snow to be easily wiped from the surface to maintain the best possible traction.

Sure we could save a ton of time and money by slapping a generic flat traction pad on the top and calling it good like many box brands do, but we don’t cut corners to try to make a buck. We go the extra mile to make the best product possible to give you the best experience possible.

We love and live powsurfing and we want to see you have the best possible experience on our creations.