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Split powsurfer variety

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Ascent Binding Details

Both systems are excellent for long tours and are extremely light weight and packable. The Grassroots binding is a few grams lighter and packs down smaller. This binding uses the Voile Pin to connect. The Spark R&D binding uses the Tesla pin-less system.

Grassroots Ultralight Ascent Binding

  • Comes with Spark toe hardware and Voile heel hardware.
  • 1.5 lbs per pair (670 grams)
  • 10″x5″x3″ Folded size for pack
  • Extremely light, smallest & most packable ascent binding. 
  • Voile pin system interface

Grassroots Ascent Binding PictureGrassroots Ascent Bindings Folded Picture

Spark R&D Ultralight Ascent Binding

  • Comes with Spark R&D toe/heel hardware.
  • 1.5 lbs (685 grams)
  • 10″x5″x5″ Folded/Packed Size
  • Extremely light, small and packable ascent binding.
  • Quick Tesla Pin-less Interface

Please choose your Ascent Binding type

Climbing Skins

The Voile Hyperglide skins work the best with our splitsurfers, fitting snug and covering the most surface area. **Please note that most other brands of skins will not work due to tip and tail connections. If you have questions about if skins you already have might work use the last box in this form and we will get back to you about compatibility.
**Skeats Glide Fins help considerably on steep or icy ascents and on slippery and sketchy side-hill skin tracks. They are basically a pocket sized mini crampon and we highly recommend them! View Skeats at https://www.powsurf.com/product/skeats-mountain-cleats/


Shipping for a splitsurfer is generally between $40 and $60 depending on your location. Attention Utah residents. This total does not include Utah state sales tax. The Utah sales tax will be added on your invoice.

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Jeremy Jensen sits down with Chase Anderson of Utah State University’s “Highlander Podcast” to talk about all things powsurfing.

Jeremy Jensen sits down with Mark Sullivan from “The Snowboard Project” Podcast to talk all things powsurfing.

Jeremy Jensen surfing thru the snow and weeds without any bindings on his Grassroots Powsurfer

The first day of the season is always the best day of the season!  This year we waited a bit longer than usual and started out with conditions a bit shallower than usual too. But we have no complaints.. “low tide” is better than no tide.. and I don’t mind blasting thru the weeds. It feels so great to get out and breathe the cool mountain air, and of course to surf the beautiful whites that mother nature provides.

With only about 11 inches of snow separating the dirt from our boards it was a light-footed session, quick and mellow turns on the lower angle terrain. We listened as skis and snowboards scraped the ground, but the float of our Grassroots Powsurfers kept us floating on top.

It’s always amazing the amount of fun we can have in such simple terrain as we wait for the big waves to fill in. Stoked as ever to welcome a new season of powsurfing! Enjoy our quick and dirty Opening Session edit!

Kronicle Magazine Article featuring Jeremy Jensen, shaper and owner of Grassroots Powdersurfing.

If you haven’t checked out Kronicle backcountry snowboard magazine yet then you are missing out.  This is a great magazine, packed full of mouth watering photography, backcountry gear reviews and great stories.  This mag is geared towards people who love exploring the backcountry and riding fresh pow. We highly recommend buying a copy or two of their print material and following them online.  Last week Jeremy Jensen, owner/creator of Grassroots Powdersurfing sat down with Kronicle Magazine to talk about the history of Grassroots and what the future holds for binding-free riding.  Click the link below to check it out, and don’t forget to subscribe to their feed, their facebook page and their print mag.  You will be glad you did.


“Treeline” is a Backcountry.com project dedicated to bringing you an elevated perspective—spotlighting the designers and craftsmen whose passion evolves the outdoor lifestyle. Grassroots Powdersurfing is stoked and proud to be working with Backcounty.com.  They have supported us since our early days years ago and this means a lot to us. Big props to them for believing in what we do. Click here to check out the Backcoutnry Treeline Project.  Check out the feature on Grassroots Powdersurfing below. Click Images to view full size.






Newborn Snowskate Magazine is born! This new magazine out features snowskating and all types of binding-free snow riding. Newborn is packed full of great imagery, artwork, interviews, product reviews and more. We are proud to be a part of issue #2.  Below is an interview with Jeremy Jensen, creator and owner of Grassroots Powdersurfing.

Click on images to view full size.


Grassroots founder and creator sits down with Ed from Buoloco.com to talk about the future of powsurfing and binding-free riding.

Read the article here  –  http://www.buoloco.com/web6/content/powsurfing-jeremy-jensen


Powsurf Chronicles Episode 4 Big Waves

The Powsurf Chronicles Episode 4 – Big Waves

Grassroots powsurfers are designed to fuel progression in every way possible. Ripping big mountain terrain is no exception. In fact it’s one of the things they do best. Maximum agility, high speed stability and precision control is crucial when riding steep exposed terrain. Our boards pass the “big wave” test with flying colors. With bigger and steeper terrain comes bigger risk and serious consequence. This makes the feeling of conquering these big lines that much more awesome.

Watch on Vimeo or Youtube

The Powsurf Chronicles Episode 2 – Goods in the Woods

The 2011 La Nina winter was a memorable one, powder days were plentiful but we didn’t see the sun shine for months. We all know the trees are where you want to be in times like this so we took shelter in the woods, where the visibility was good and the powder was epic.

Watch on Vimeo or Youtube