Powsurfer’s Responsibility

Excellent judgment and assessment are crucial for safe and fun riding in backcountry conditions no matter what type of gear you have. You are powsurfing now, so take that judgement up a few notches. There are numerous factors to be considered..especially as you enter advanced terrain. Line entry, exit, safe zones, what lies beneath the snow, etc.  As a powsurfer, your responsibility for good line choice and good judgement is absolutely necessary.  Know your line from top to bottom.  In a mountain environment there are infinite factors to be considered, if you have doubts then simply choose another line. There could be ice, chunder, unseen rocks, or any number of unexpected hazards that could have very serious consequences.  So be smart and live to surf another day. A fall could cause you to kartwheel uncontrollably without a means to stop, you could be hit by your board, you could get wrapped up in your leash… A good day could go sour quickly so be smart.  Be sure you have adequate leash length to keep the board a safe distance from you.  Be sure to keep your leash from dragging and snagging on trees or rocks.  Be sure that you can quick-release your leash in the event of a bad tangle or an avalanche.