We drove till the road ended (30hrs later) and were picked up by a shiny red helicopter. -photo Will Wissman

Bird’s eye view- photo Will Wissman
I was a helicopter virgin until this point. 10 days later I considered my self a helicopter slut.
Coming in for a landing at Mica Lodge. -photo Darren
Big Perm Big pimping. -photo Jeremy Jensen

Day 1 12/27/07
30 + hrs of driving and a quick heli lift and we are finally here at Mica Lodge. This place is pimp. Food is plentiful, beds are big and soft, and the pow appears to be deep and of the highest quality. I cant think too well right now- I havent slept more than a half hour or so on the trip and I am fading quick. We moved into our rooms, had a welcome shot of Crown, and a beer, and we are feeling better now. I figured out Nico’s camera issues so we should be good to go tomorrow.
I got the “honeymoon suite” Top floor of the main lodge with a hell of a view. -photo Jeremy Jensen
Day 2 12/28/07 – HARVEY CANYON
Ate a quick breakfast of bacon and eggs and took a quick course on helicopter safety and avy safety. DId a couple of scenerios and found some hidden beacons. We decided to do some fun runs and peep out the terrain. We are planning on hitting up “Crispy Critters” tomorrow it looks like.just got back from three big fun runs- the pow is bottomless and fast. The terrain here is insane. Pillow lines galore. We rode a run called “repeater” twice and then flew by “pillow talk” and took a run down the side of that. So this was the best pillow line of my life so far. The pillows were so soft I could hardly even feel them. The only way I knew I was hittin them was from the face shots they were sending me. SIIICK!
Looking down Harvey Canyon at the end of a long day of pow slashing. -photo Jeremy Jensen
Stoney- to say the least. -photo Jeremy Jensen
The heli is so smooth- I cant beleive it. So rad. I have just been giggling since that last run. Stoked for tomorrow. I am truly in heaven here. If only Candice was up here- I would never leave. Well I guess i would also need a heli, a pilot, and a shitloat of gas and food.
I seriously cant believe how sick it is rollin around in the heli. All sorts of gitty inside. I could leave now and it would be worth the 30 hour drive. I am a bumbling idiot right now.
Chillin atop “Crispy Critters” on our second heli day. -photo Jeremy Jensen
Early morning departure. 5 minutes to powpow. -Photo Darren
Day 4 12/30/07 Down-Day
Today was fuckin sick for a down- day! Did some of the sickest powsurfing ever today. Really wishing I had my Grassroots Powdersurfer, but the only thing I could sneak in my bag was the old Sims blade with stomp pads. Better than not having a surfer! Busted down a million pillows and slashed deep sick pow nearby the lodges. Blew my mind. Scored a couple of snowcat rides on the blade and then I hiked one more cause i couldnt get enough.
Snowcat rides to the goods! You don’t need bindings here to have a good time. -photo Jeremy Jensen
My 1980’s model sims blade 130 (used to be a 171 til the tail broke off) and my private snowcat. The snow surfing is epic here in Canada. They call it “noboarding” here. Silly Canadians. -photo Jeremy Jensen
Early morning bluebird timelapse setup. I also ran my still camera intervalometer as well as the HVX to get some pretty sick timelapses of the sun rising. -photo Darren
The sun rises above the new Mica Chalet. -photo Jeremy Jensen
A still shot from one of the timelapses I got with the help of the Cannon G5. -photo Jeremy Jensen
I managed to get a couple still shots of the sun hitting the peaks. -photo Jeremy Jensen
-photo Jeremy Jensen
I wish all of my sunrises had helicopters in them. -photo Jeremy Jensen
It’s pretty up here. -photo Jeremy Jensen
The pow here is epic. -photo Jeremy Jensen
Day 6 1/1/08 Happy New Year!
It was tough getting out of bed this morning but I managed. I don’t know how the team is gonna fair today- we got pretty smashed lastnight and danced the night away. Cosmos on the house, whiskey shots, wine, beers, and champagne… pretty good recipe for a hangover. I can’t let myself waste a day here. I am basically good to go. We got some drunken footy and pics with Darren’s fishey lense of our boys only dance party (darrens’ wife was there too but it was mostly sausage.) I hope we get out and shred today. I could use some free runs.
Twiskey anyone???
With guys like this pouring drinks you know its on.
Here’s to big mountains, deep pow, and helicopters!
The fishey lense on Darren’s camera was a big hit.
Darren is the marketing Director for Mica Heli and on the left is Jack.
There is no shortage of gnar up here. -photo Jeremy Jensen
Jeremy getting “the shot” of crew #1 headed up to Harvey Canyon. This is hard work. -photo Darren