Blair Conklin slashing a Grassroots Powsurf on a 60ft standing wave

Hyped to see a Grassroots Powsurfer in Blair Conklin‘s quiver test on the 60ft standing wave at  Lakeside Surf! The test boards that Blair rode ranged from a small homemade skimboard (the first board he ever made and rode) to a 7 foot “Crowd Killer” surfboard. He wanted to see if it was possible to ride each board and feel the performance in each ride. Blair chucked some big ol buckets on his 140cm Flying Carpet proving that not only does that board “ride” on the wave, but a rider as talented as Blair can rip it pretty hard.

A powsurfer is obviously designed for “frozen water” and ripping down mountains of all sizes but you can also have a good ol time riding one as a wake surfer behind a boat on the lake, at the local river wave or a standing wave like this one.  There are certainly better options, but hey it’s possible and there’s a ton of fun to be had!

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