Assumption of Risk

Powsurfing is an extremely fun activity but can also be a very dangerous activity which could result in serious injury or death.  Use of a Grassroots Powsurfer in any way is at the sole risk of the rider and Grassroots may not be held responsible in any way.  Any and all responsibility for personal safety and well-being falls solely on the rider.  There are no bindings attaching the rider to the board and this creates a challenge in riding, turning, and stopping. This also means that the board will not stop the rider from falling and tumbling uncontrollably into whatever natural hazards lie beneath.  As with surfing, skateboarding, wake skating, and other sports where the board is unattached to the rider, the rider risks being hit by his or her board when crashing.  Helmets, pads, and other protective safety gear are strongly recommended.  Always keep your powsurfer attached to your body with a leash to prevent loss of the board and endangerment of others around and below you.  The leash itself poses a potential hazard to the rider as well and should be fastened in a way that it can be easily released to avoid tangles or strangulation.

Do not ride your board in close proximity to rocks, trees, other people or any other objects as the reach of your board is quite broad due to the length of leash and size of board.  When the rider falls he or she risks injury to themselves, those around them, and the board itself.  Be extremely cautious of your surroundings and ride in control.  If you are not comfortable with the risks involved with this activity then do not ride the powsurfer.