Utah is having a stellar winter so far. 150% of Normal snowpack and it doesn’t seem to be letting up. Grings and I got out for a beautiful day on Christmas Eve to test out the new shape and size I’ve been working on.

Here’s a look at a run on the new big mountain Grassroots Powsurfer..

We snowmobiled for a few miles before we finally hit the snow line. It was sopping wet and it was raining/snowing. We were lucky enough to find a tree filled zone with rideable snow. A wicked rime crust had formed above 8700 feet and the rain line was at around 8000 ft. Our zone was right in the sweet spot in between.

A mix of wind crust and coastal mashed potato powder was on the menu for the day. We managed to have a great time and the new shape I just designed cut thru that shit like a hot knife thru butter.

Neil and I scoping the goods.

I met up with Ian and Neil Provo on sunday to introduce them to Grassroots Powdersurfing and shoot some footy for an upcoming webisode. These guys are doing some killer video work. Check out Inspired Media Concepts to see some of their stuff.

We cruised up to one of the classic zones in my neck of the woods and got right to it. Seeing the smiles on their faces and hearing the shouts of joy after their first runs on my powdersurfers really made my day. It’s rad to see people pick it right up and just start shredding… Ian and Neil were both killing it right off the bat. We hammered out some fun little lines in some epic snow conditions. A fresh foot or two of dense pow had settled nicely over a plethora of boulders creating small jumps everywhere. Perfect for popping ollies in between pow slashes.
Neil dropping into Rock Bowl

Ollieing off the first of about 10 little bump jumps in a row on this little run

I dig the shadow on the bottom left corner

Neil Provo dropping in just before the sun set


Neil droppin.. He was really diggin the “sardine” deck.
Ian and Neil brought up their buddy “Fishbone” who skillfully captured the magic shooting video and stills as we slashed and bounced our way down some really fun lines. It was nice to just ride and not worry about capturing the footage by myself. We all had a super fun session, it was rad to get out and ride with some new dudes. I’m stoked to go powsurf some lines in the wasatch with the Provo boys.
We left to a gorgeous setting sun at our backs. Stoked for next time.

Neil Provo, Ian Provo, and Jeremy Jensen ripping on their Grassroots Powsurfers.  EOW!

Crackin an ollie in the forest.

Winter came quick and with a vengeance in Utah this year. Before I knew it there was nearly two feet of pow in my yard and 40-50 inches up in our nearby mountains. I should stay home and keep working on this snowboard/powdersurf film that’s been in the works for a couple of years now, but it is just too difficult when I know there is pow to be slashed.
The usual early season zones were in full effect so I made some time to get some powdersurfing in. A couple of quick sessions with my dog was all I needed to get me in the right mood. I came home inspired to finish up this film… so I can move on to the next project. Which will likely be a longer powsurfing documentary of sorts.
I learned to snowboard in this zone 21 years ago… I have visited this place for early season riding every year for the past 21 years. Damn, that makes me feel like an old timer.

Happy Anniversary… 21 years!


FS air

360 Shovit

Storm-dog looking for critters to harass.

When the sun and warm weather comes out and kills the snow quality there is still some fun to be had. We packed out a little kicker and proceeded to get our skate on.

We used to joke about one day being able to do a 360 kickflip on a powsurfer… well, today was the day I guess.
Rider: Jeremy Jensen Photo: Josh Serna
Ever year a small rail garden grows down in the campground. Kids bring up new rails and logs every year and when the road is no longer passable the rails become buried for the winter and are confiscated after the snow melts in the spring. Some how the garden re-grows every year near the same spot. This years garden was quite nice and I was able to jib and bonk a few things on the powsurfer before it got buried.

Fresh Beaver!

The solid early snowpack caught our local ski resort by surprise so we were able to get quite a few preseason days at the resort in. Bindinless boards are forbidden within the resort boundaries here during the season so this was our window to get some powsurfing in. Sorry to all the people who showed up opening day to an already tracked out mountain… 🙂
I assure you we had a great time cutting it up.
Dec 4, 2010
The ‘Beav is now opened up to the public so now I am forced into the side-country runs- which is fine with me. That is where the goods are at anyways. Dave and I made it up there for some backside runs… super fun as usual, especially in the low snowpack. Baby pillows galore!
Dave blasting down the backside..