Neil Provo and Jeremy Jensen powsurfing their brains out and living the Catsurfing dream at Keefer Lake Lodge, BC.

Full Powsurfing Segment from Warren Miller’s “Line of Descent” and rider interviews with Jeremy Jensen, Scotty Arnold, Ian Provo and Neil Provo

Powsurfing Godfather Jeremy Jensen joins snowboard legend Scotty Arnold and ski & snowboard brothers Ian and Neil Provo for a week of powsurfing deep in the Monashee’s with Mustang Powder Guides.

White Waves Powdersurfing Documentary film by Jeremy Jensen

A documentary film about the history, contemporary and future of true binding-free powdersurfing.

Ian and Neil posted this edit the other day.  I’m always stoked on the Provo Bros edits, no matter if they are skiing, snowboarding, fishing, or powdersurfing.  Good dudes doing what they love… I’m all about it. If anyone was wondering how our Grassroots Powdersurfers handle the deep and light pow in some steep lines, look no further (or of course stay tuned for the “Big Waves” episode in The Powsurf Chronicles).

Here you go.. Ian, Neil and friends slaying the deep on their 140cm Slasher and 140cm Powder Shark.

Neil and I scoping the goods.

I met up with Ian and Neil Provo on sunday to introduce them to Grassroots Powdersurfing and shoot some footy for an upcoming webisode. These guys are doing some killer video work. Check out Inspired Media Concepts to see some of their stuff.

We cruised up to one of the classic zones in my neck of the woods and got right to it. Seeing the smiles on their faces and hearing the shouts of joy after their first runs on my powdersurfers really made my day. It’s rad to see people pick it right up and just start shredding… Ian and Neil were both killing it right off the bat. We hammered out some fun little lines in some epic snow conditions. A fresh foot or two of dense pow had settled nicely over a plethora of boulders creating small jumps everywhere. Perfect for popping ollies in between pow slashes.
Neil dropping into Rock Bowl

Ollieing off the first of about 10 little bump jumps in a row on this little run

I dig the shadow on the bottom left corner

Neil Provo dropping in just before the sun set


Neil droppin.. He was really diggin the “sardine” deck.
Ian and Neil brought up their buddy “Fishbone” who skillfully captured the magic shooting video and stills as we slashed and bounced our way down some really fun lines. It was nice to just ride and not worry about capturing the footage by myself. We all had a super fun session, it was rad to get out and ride with some new dudes. I’m stoked to go powsurf some lines in the wasatch with the Provo boys.
We left to a gorgeous setting sun at our backs. Stoked for next time.

Neil Provo, Ian Provo, and Jeremy Jensen ripping on their Grassroots Powsurfers.  EOW!