Split powsurfer variety

Grassroots Splitsurfers expand access possibilities, making the most functional and durable powsurfers on earth even more versatile. Perfect for riders with long ascent/descents and those who want to access the most pristine powsurfing conditions and terrain.

Split powsurfer variety

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Ascent Binding Details

Both systems are excellent for long tours and are extremely light weight and packable. The Grassroots binding is a few grams lighter and packs down smaller. This binding uses the Voile Pin to connect. The Spark R&D binding uses the Tesla pin-less system.

Grassroots Ultralight Ascent Binding

  • Comes with Spark toe hardware and Voile heel hardware.
  • 1.5 lbs per pair (670 grams)
  • 10″x5″x3″ Folded size for pack
  • Extremely light, smallest & most packable ascent binding. 
  • Voile pin system interface

Grassroots Ascent Binding PictureGrassroots Ascent Bindings Folded Picture

Spark R&D Ultralight Ascent Binding

  • Comes with Spark R&D toe/heel hardware.
  • 1.5 lbs (685 grams)
  • 10″x5″x5″ Folded/Packed Size
  • Extremely light, small and packable ascent binding.
  • Quick Tesla Pin-less Interface

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Climbing Skins

The Voile Hyperglide skins work the best with our splitsurfers, fitting snug and covering the most surface area. **Please note that most other brands of skins will not work due to tip and tail connections. If you have questions about if skins you already have might work use the last box in this form and we will get back to you about compatibility.
**Skeats Glide Fins help considerably on steep or icy ascents and on slippery and sketchy side-hill skin tracks. They are basically a pocket sized mini crampon and we highly recommend them! View Skeats at https://www.powsurf.com/product/skeats-mountain-cleats/


Shipping for a splitsurfer is generally between $40 and $60 depending on your location. Attention Utah residents. This total does not include Utah state sales tax. The Utah sales tax will be added on your invoice.

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