Designed for small children ages 3-7 years old. Teach your child the joy of surfing snow without the pain and awkward falls that come with strapping them into snowboards.  We’ve upgraded the Keiki to include our CDC 3-dimensional base to allow for the best performance possible. Perfect for backyards, sledding hills, parks, and golf courses. The Keiki can be ridden and enjoyed by adults too. Great for riding shallow powder and even fun on mellow groomed and packed runs. This snow toy turns on a dime and makes even the smallest and simplest hills fun.

Think of our Keiki model as the “strider bike” for snowboarding. Your child can learn true balance at a young age without being trapped in bindings and taking a beating from awkward falls. They can grow up with an appreciation for nature and a mindset that thinks “outside the resort”, and gets mom and dad out in nature for true family adventures that won’t cost you hundreds of dollars a day. The keiki is the perfect gift on so many levels. Kiddo gets a powsurfer, dad gets a snow toy for shallow pow and packed slopes and this investment puts your family on the right track to taking advantage of easy access winter fun.