It was so much fun that I had to go back for more. It’s not often you get a full moon on a clear night and good snow conditions. I had a couple of photo/video ideas I wanted to experiment with. They didn’t really work out- I need a couple more pieces of gear to make it happen for real.

The ghost of the big perm will forever live where there is deep snow and powdersurfing to be had.

I built a little jump that was lit well by the moonlight but not enough to make the video very clear. The photos worked OK but I need to buy some slave flashes to make it really work how I want.

This shot didn’t really work. I need some flashes to make it happen. The one in my hand didn’t quite cut it.

I am not going to disclose the location here cause it is too sacred. We will just say it’s somewhere in Idaho or Wyoming or something. Dunker and I slayed it up here for 2 days. The Avy danger was super high so we kept it chill on the powsurfs. Found some really fun lines. One in particular was loaded with mini kickers- so much fun on the powdersurf boards. We were passing over fresh 4 foot slides and glide cracks. It was pretty nerve racking and it kept us humble on our line choices.
There is so much potential up here and never a skier or snowboarder in sight. I have seen some of my favorite zones raped by “professional” film crews in the snowboard and ski industry. They hype it up and disclose the location to da masses (did I just say dumbasses?!) and I am over that crap. Thanks a lot mormon mafia (you know who you are) – you suck. Anyways… I am not going to let that happen to this zone.

I met snowboard artist (and legend) Mike Parillo at the Mag Release party. I was a little bit star struck I must admit. This guy’s artwork has had a huge influence on me throughout the years. It was so rad to see his OG paintings in their glory. Whenever I am painting my powsurfers I am thinking about this guys work. My kindergarten art doesn’t touch what this guy does. I really want to get involved with him in the future if things work out.

Mike Parillo – Original artwork for Travis Rice’s Pro Models
Mike Parillo and Travis Rice’s Studio for Asymbol

Parillo doing what he does.
Dunker needed to make a huge print for an up coming art show. This was his first test print. Pretty amazing.
This is a reproduction of the Craig Kelly Tribute mural. Mike said the original had been vandalized so this was the reproduced inkjet print. 3×5 feet or so.
Brother Ali on the mic!!! This show was amazing- such a rad vibe.
Not only did I get to chill with Mike Parillo but Travis Rice showed up and kicked it for an hour or so. Travis is the greatest snowboarder in the world…. do I need to say more?
Mike and Travis seemed pretty stoked on the Powdersurf boards. I am working on a couple to send up their way. Hopefully they can provide some R&D and maybe some connections in the industry… Most of all- I want Parillo to paint one.. That dude has unreal skills.
Brother Ali was super rad. He freestyled back in forth with Justin Timberlake (yes, the backstreet boy) and it was insane!
I can’t wait to back and ride the Village when it starts dumping. Jackson is always a good time.

WELCOME TO MANVILLE – This is where the Powdersurf Board magic happens.

Manville, Utah- This is where many good things are happening right now. Shapes are designed and created, construction methods are tested, there is blood, sweat and tears flowing here on almost a daily basis (despite sub zero temperatures).
The shark is born. November 2009 – Manville, USA
Literally hours of hand sanding…. makes for major sawdust boogers.

Craig working on some new experimental construction. Super strength and alien lightness.

Checking the rocker on the new PowSkate Model.

There is really only enough room in here for me and a few powdersurf boards.

My fingers are bleeding by the time I get this stuff cutout. Worth it? Yes.