Beavis Backside Powdersurfing (in 2 feet of champaign)

The forcast called for 1 to 3 inches and it decided to snow 2 feet instead. I cancelled the sled plan and cruised on up to the mighty Beav. Grings and I tested the front and decided to head on back to the backside for the day. It got deeper and deeper every run. Free refills at the beavis!
We slashed 3 or 4 of the classic backside runs and hitched our way back to the resort. Ross picked us up on one of our runs. He was bringing his lady up for a taste of the beav.
By 3 oclock or so I decided it was time to lose the bindings and take some powdersurf runs. I was worried about it being too deep, but my powdersurf board was actually floating better than my snowboard.
It was almost “too deep for the beav” but I was able to get enough speed to catch a few face shots. Tasty pow.

Peep the POV action…