Berfday Shredding

The first day shredding as a 34 year old was a pretty good one. It started off as a semi-cloudy day over in the mini-golf sector. Dunker, Grings, and I arrived at the top (we were doing the triple tow-up) ready to kill it. I dropped in and headed straight for “Bill” (a cliff that we like to hit). “Bill” was actually bigger than I have ever seen it and the take-off was lookin good from the bottom so I charged straight for it and stuck a BS 360 indy off it just to prove to myself that I wasn’t “too old”. We took one more run at minigolf as the clouds and snow moved in. We moved our base camp over to the White Pine Woods and proceeded to slash the hell out of that zone on my powsurf boards. I took a couple runs on Dunkers bindingless “Banana hammock” – it was fun but not as fun as riding my powsurf boards. I experimented with my Canon 7D on a monopod getting some POV action. It turned out pretty sick. Peep the video below for some action…

After 4-5 bindingless runs we decided to strap back into our snowboards and proceed to slash more pow.
Good friends and good snow… that’s all I really wanted for my Birthday.
Peep the footy: