Gostlin Keefer Lake Catsurfing – The Powsurf Chronicles Episode 17

The crew at Gostlin Keefer Lake Lodge were kind enough to have Grassroots Powsurf riders Jeremy Jensen and Neil Provo over for a day of powsurfing their amazing terrain in typical Monashee blower pow conditions. Their tenure provided everything from intermediate tree runs to steep AF lines and we were happy to indulge in all of it. We even got to share cat rides with legendary mountain bike ninja (and entertainer) Brett Tippy.
Enjoy Episode 17 of The Powsurf Chronicles and if you’re looking for a great place to smash some BC pow you’re gonna want to check out Keefer Lake Lodge.

If you are interested in surfing mountains truly binding-free visit our website and drop us a line! powsurf.com

Powsurfers: Neil Provo, Jeremy Jensen



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