Grassroots Splitsurfers expand access possibilities, making the most functional and durable powsurfers on earth even more versatile. This isn’t the solution for everyone, but for riders with long ascent/descents and those wanting to access side country via ski resorts it’s a great way to access more powsurfing terrain.

Jeremy Jensen Powsurfing the smaller and overlooked nuggets hidden all over in the mountains.

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Riders from around the world gather to test hundreds of powder snowboards and powsurfers at the Shaper Summit in Jackson Hole.

Jeremy Jensen sits down with Chase Anderson of Utah State University’s “Highlander Podcast” to talk about all things powsurfing.

Powsurfing the roadside attractions in Hokkaido, Japan.

Jeremy Jensen sits down with Mark Sullivan from “The Snowboard Project” Podcast to talk all things powsurfing.

Neil Provo and Jeremy Jensen powsurfing their brains out and living the Catsurfing dream at Keefer Lake Lodge, BC.

Full Powsurfing Segment from Warren Miller’s “Line of Descent” and rider interviews with Jeremy Jensen, Scotty Arnold, Ian Provo and Neil Provo

Jeremy Jensen kickfliping on his powsurfer for the ending shot in the teaser for “Isle of Snow” from Absinthe Films.

Powsurfing Godfather Jeremy Jensen joins snowboard legend Scotty Arnold and ski & snowboard brothers Ian and Neil Provo for a week of powsurfing deep in the Monashee’s with Mustang Powder Guides.