Jeremy Jensen appearance in teaser for Isle of Snow – Absinthe Films

Wow! I checked the trailer for the upcoming release of Absinthe Film’s “Isle of Snow” and to my surprise.. there I was doing a kickflip on my powsurfer as the ending shot in the trailer.  Certainly wasn’t expecting that but was so stoked to see true binding-free powsurfing represented in the film and was crazy stoked to fulfill a lifelong dream of being in the best snowboard films made.

We’ve been fortunate at Grassroots Powsurfing to have had appearances in some big films over the years. Projects that we could have never afforded to pay to play in, but either the creator has a pure love for powsurfing themselves or they see the beauty of powsurfing in general and want to spread that vibe that such a soulful experience radiates.  From our powsurfers appearing in films like Travis Rice’s “Thats it thats All”  to full segments in films like Warren Miller’s Line of Descent, Warren Miller’s Chasing Shadows, and Celtek’s “Nothing to Prove” we are always so stoked and grateful to be on the screen with the best snow riders in the world.

We work our tails off, spending endless hours creating our own media on a $0 budget so when we are included in other peoples films it’s pure joy!

Hyped to see the full “Isle of Snow” film to get us all hyped up for the upcoming season.