Grassroots Powdersurfing was founded to create a pure, binding-free, powder-riding experience. Drawing inspiration from skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding, we came up with a form of self-expression that pays tribute to the heart and soul of snowboarding. Our designs have created a whole new style of riding and opened up a new avenues for progression that had yet to be explored in the world of snowboarding. We’ve merged true surf and skate style, together with powder riding, to give riders the unbeatable feeling that is “powsurfing.”

We design and shape our boards for maximum floatation in powder conditions, incorporating precision control and freestyle capability.  It doesn’t have to be knee-deep, perfect powder to ride our boards; all it takes is a few inches of soft snow and an open mind. Our boards enable riders to maximize the potential of a binding-free board. Your feet can move freely atop the board to make adjustments in varying terrain and conditions, while you are free to ride forward or backwards without restriction. We wanted the ability to charge the steepest and deepest lines possible. We envisioned ourselves popping ollies and spinning or flipping the board under our feet. We wanted to stomp bigger airs and make the most out of our ride to the bottom. We dreamed about this for decades and our dream has become a reality. Welcome to Grassroots Powdersurfing.

Whether you want to simply cruise some mellow pow runs, charge steep lines, or get freestyle and push the limits of what is possible on a binding-free board, we shape a board just for you.

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At Grassroots we have created a form of self-expression that pays tribute to the early intentions of snowboarding while embracing and encouraging the style and progression of modern surfing and skateboarding. Get some.

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