Grassroots Splitsurfer – Split Powsurfer Options

(prices include 3D ptex base splitsurfer + all toe/heel & clip hardware)

Standard top sheet splitsurfer with 3D ptex base – $949.95

Black on black splitsurfer (comes with black 4001 ptex) – $989.95

Exotic wood top sheet splitsurfer (price varies depending on type of wood) – Starting at $1099.95

The first Grassroots “Splitsurfer” was the first split powsurfer created in 2009 and models made available to the public since 2011. They are absolute dream machines for accessing the backcountry and have been put to the test all over the world for the past 14 years. Super light and nimble for quick ascents and of course nothing beats the feeling of powsurfing back down on a proper powsurfer.

See quick videos of our splitsurfers in action here and here.

Our splitsurfers are available by PRE-ORDER only, although there is a chance we may craft a few extras to keep in stock for the season if time and supplies allow. Orders can be made by emailing with your desired model/size, binding type (Grassroots Binding with voile pin or Spark R&D pin-less binding), skin needs, and your shipping address. Pre-orders and a $200 minimum deposit is due by September 1st, 2022. 

Please let us know what model, size and shape you would like as well as if you’d like to purchase our Grassroots ascent bindings, or Spark R&D pin-less bindings/components and if you need skins. We offer Voile skins as they are the best fit and work perfectly with our design. Most other skins may not fit or be compatible with our splitsurfers. Continue reading below for details on models, binding options, skins and pricing.

We have a few binding solutions available, each with give and take in terms of lightness/packability/performance. We highly recommend our Grassroots Ultralight Ascent binding (compatible with voile hardware)($309.95) or the Spark R&D compatible Ultralight Ascent binding ($344.95). We have been exclusively testing these two binding systems heavily over the past 12 years and they have proven to be amazingly light, easily packable and they are adjustable to fit any snowboard boot or powsurf boot.

It is possible to use standard snowboard bindings (with the additional voile plate & pin) on the splitsurfer but keep in mind that standard bindings are very heavy and too large to fit into most packs for the ride down. Our binding solutions fit easily in any pack and even some pockets. There’s not much sense in carrying around all the excess weight and bulk that would come with using standard snowboard bindings/straps. See more details and photos of binding options below.


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Grassroots Ultralight Ascent Binding (Uses Voile Pin Interface) = $309.95   

  • Compatible with Voile toe/heel hardware.
  • 1.5 lbs per pair (670 grams)
  • 10″x5″x3″ Folded size for pack
  • Extremely light, smallest and most packable ascent binding. 
  • Cost effective, minimalist solution.
  • Folds down to about the size of a bible, to easily fit in your pack or even some pockets
  • Marginal edge leverage on steep & icy side-hill areas. Leverage increases when using a stiffer snowboard boot and decreases if using the deeluxe footloose, Vans Standard or other soft boot. However, powsurfing down is a much better experience in soft boots  more difficult in stiff snowboard boots.
  • Check out the product we offer called “Skeats” they are a great accessory that helps significantly dealing with a lack of leverage and travel on icy, off kilter and/or very steep skin tracks.



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Ultralight Spark R&D Ascent Binding=  $344.95    

  • Compatible with Spark R&D toe/heel hardware.
  • 1.5 lbs (685 grams)
  • 10″x5″x5″ Folded/Packed Size
  • Extremely light, small and packable ascent binding.
  • Quick Tesla Pin-less Interface
  • Comfortable on your feet for very long tours
  • Marginal edge leverage on steep & icy side-hill areas. Leverage increases when using a stiffer snowboard boot and decreases if using the deeluxe footloose, Vans Standard or other soft “powsurf boot”. However, powsurfing down is a much better experience in soft boots  more difficult in stiff snowboard boots.
  • Check out the Skeats we offer as a great accessory that helps with a lack of leverage and travel on icy, off kilter and/or very steep skin tracks.


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Spark R&D Arc Bindings – Standard Straps and Highbacks = $385   

  • 2.8 lbs. Medium sized and might fit into some large sized packs, depending on what else you carry.
  • Good performance for edge leverage on steep, packed or icy side-hill skin tracks.
  • Standard Spark Arc Binding with Standard straps.
  • Note that the use of a very soft boot (powsurf specific boot) will greatly decrease your leverage even in these standard splitboard bindings. If leverage on icy and off-kilter skin tracks is your priority be sure to match these with a stiffer snowboard boot for best results, or carry two of our “Everything Straps” to use around your shins and bindings to increase leverage while using a powsurf specific boot.


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Grassroots Splitsurfer – $949.99

  • Weighs about 1-1.5 lbs heavier than a standard solid powsurfer (approx 8-10 lbs depending on size and model)
  • Reinforced with carbon for strength in uphill mode and proper flex for the surf down
  • Built with proper inserts for strength and to allow binding options/changes
  • 3-dimensional sintered p-tex base
  • Includes Voile or Spark R&D toe and heel components and Spark R&D Fixie Clips

The Grassroots Splitsurfer split powsurfer weighs only about 1lb-1.5lb more than our solid powsurfers. The Ultralight Ascent Binding’s we offer are very light and extremely compact, stashing easily into any size of pack or even some pockets for the surf back down. These ascent bindings are for uphill travel only. Our Splitsurfers come stock with your choice of Voile or Spark R&D toe and heel components, depending on which type of binding you plan to use. Cost for the board and toe/heel hardware is $949.99.  **This does not include climbing skins and ascent bindings.

Climbing Skins

The Voile climbing skins are the best fit for our splitsurfers, fitting perfectly over the nose and we designed our interface to work beautifully with their rubber tail clips. Most other skins types WILL NOT FIT. We offer the Voile climbing skins and tail clips for sale with our boards.  Voile Hyper Glide Mohair/Nylon blend skins with tail clips = $225 

Available Board Shape & Size Options

To accommodate all sizes of riders, we can build your splitsurfer in “narrow”, “standard” or “wide” options depending on your boot size and the conditions you ride in. Please let us know your preference or feel free to ask us for recommendations based on your size/location.

Available shapes for 2022-23 

140cm Flying Carpet 3D (links to shape in solid board form)

150cm Flying Carpet 3D (links to shape in solid board form)

140cm Slasher 3D (links to shape in solid board form)

150cm Megalodon (links to shape in solid board form)



We have many backcountry touring solutions available on our webstore. Our Splitsurfer is a solution that will work great for most riders but may not be the best solution. It really depends on the terrain that you frequent and the type of access you have. For tours that cover a lot of distance/terrain and travel through very deep snow the splitsurfer is a great solution. However, often times shorter roadside hikes and smaller sections of terrain can be lapped more easily on a boot pack for more bang for your buck. Use of Verts (special style of snowshoe available in our web-store) is often the most efficient for these areas and use of a splitsurfer would result in a lot of time changing modes and fiddling with equipment, whereas with a solid powsurfer and Verts you would spend that time riding and having fun. Another great solution we offer for large ascents are the Drift Boards. These allow you to skin up small or large slope with minimal transition times and give you the freedom to pick whatever board you want from your quiver.

The Splitsurfer may not be the best solution for you. Browse our online shop to find the best powsurfer and mode of backcountry travel to fit your needs