It Takes 2 to Tango – The Powsurf Chronicles Ep 22

For our 22nd episode we showcase 2 good friends having too much fun on 2 Grassroots splitsurfers. Oh yeah, the splitsurfers split into 2 skis too! Jeremy Jensen and Chase Burch dance downslope laughing and dealing face shots to each other all the way. They transition to ascent mode and the slow dance back uphill begins. It takes 2 to tango!

There’s no question that splitsurfing is the most efficient form of foot travel in the backcountry for those long ascents and that’s why Grassroots has been proudly handcrafting their splitsurfers since 2008. These boards feature a full 3-dimensional Ptex base, proper inserts and are crafted with carbon to ensure strength on the way up and proper flex for the surf back down. Our ascent bindings weigh just over a lb and fold down to easily stash in a pack or even a pocket. If you’re interested in a splitsurfer for yourself contact Grassroots Powsurf at or email to inquire. Riders: Jeremy Jensen, Chase Burch Cameras & Edit: Jeremy Jensen


Deeluxe Boots

DC Outerwear 

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Remind Insoles

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Bluebird Wax

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Avalon 7

Powsurfers featured in this episode