Swiss powsurfers discover new passion

Swiss riders Milon and Didier purchased their Grassroots powsurfers at the start of the 2015-16 winter season and were immediately hooked. We are stoked to see these guys catching on so quickly and experiencing the same amazing feelings and thrills that have driven us to surf as much pow as possible over the past decade.

Thanks for sending us these videos boys! We love seeing people all over the world discovering the pleasure of powdersurfing. Here’s to many great seasons to come!

Binding Is Over

Video Description: (translated to English from French)

First season without fixing for Milo and me on Grassroots boards. Total rediscovery of the slope reading on the basis of the quality and quantity of snow. A sense of freedom even greater than snowboarding and sensations not far from the surf. Bring on the next big powder swell.