Powsurfing at the 2019 Shaper Summit

This event is one of my favorite events every year. The people and the vibes are all time and Jackson Hole is one of my favorite places on earth to ride. So it’s a win win win kind of situation. The Shaper Summit event is the world’s premiere powderboard test and snowboard design gathering held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, presented by AVALON7.

For 3 days we ride and test as many boards as we can and give the feedback directly to each brand in an effort to collectively progress snowboard design.

With  couple of days of  Powsurf sessions happening a bunch of new riders got a taste and all the guys who just can’t get enough as well. We had killer snow in both the sidecountry and some even easier access terrain.

This year Rob Kingwill had a special treat that was on loan from Ken Achenbach. A Vintage 1982 Sims. It had a full 3D base, some grabby fins and rubber bungi cord bindings!  I don’t need bindings so I had some good fun surfing a run on this beautiful piece of history. See Video at the bottom of this page!

Big props to Jay Moore from Wold Boards (probably the greatest snowboard shop on earth) for the 2019 Chief of the Shaper Summit!

Thanks again to Rob Kingwill for putting on another stellar event!

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