Skate The Pow – The Powsurf Chronicles Episode 16

Powsurfing was conceived of heavy influences from skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding. In this short film we focus on the influence of skateboarding. A nod and a high five to a phenomenon that continually boggles the minds and stretches the imaginations of minds both young and old. Skateboarding’s influence on snowboarding has been as clear as can be from day one and in this modern age we see how much it has given back to surfing. It’s a beautiful thing to watch barriers broken down and the previously unthinkable become every day occurrence. As is the case with surfing and skateboarding, the fact that a powsurfer is completely unattached to the riders feet opens up limitless possibilities for progression and style. We are barely scratching the surface here. There are so many “never been dones”and there really is no ceiling within this style of powsurfing. There’s a massive world to explore of surf-style and skate-style powsurfing but for you to discover it you must first FREE YOUR BIND!

Riders:  Jeremy Jensen, Scotty Arnold and Neil Provo
Edited & Produced by Jeremy Jensen


Deeluxe Boots

Owner Operator

GripAll Sports

Remind Insoles

Yea. Nice


Mtn Approach

Bluebird Wax

Cheetah Factory Racing



Avalon 7

Powsurfing gear featured in this episode