Powsurf Safari

Another epic journey to the British C0lumbia interior! This time we teamed up with Eric Messier, Gray Thompson and Sean Kerrick Sullivan,  combined our forces of shooting and riding to create this short film.  Enjoy the Powsurf Safari!

Welcome to the Powsurf Safari, a wintery journey deep into Interior British Columbia. Eric Messier, Gray Thompson, Jeremy Jensen and photographer Sean Kerrick Sullivan head north into the mecca of Powsurfing, in search of the perfect terrain to experience binding-less and bottom-less powder riding.

For a full viewing experience, complete with photos and words, visit snowboardmag.com

The Powsurf Safari is an excerpt from the new Warp Wave film, “A Place Called Kookabunga” releasing in October. Stay tuned!

Music: “Heartz” by Easy Giant