Best Powsurfing Day Ever….

The ride up
I ripped 6 backsides at the beav today on my powsurf. It was nothing short of epic. The foot and a half of pow made for nearly ideal conditions. Big thanks to Travis and Nick for catering to my needs and letting me ride the lift. Bindingless boards of any kind are strictly forbidden on the front side of the beav- but they let me have my way with the backcountry.

I shot a couple of runs POV style (if you think riding without bindings is tough try filming yourself riding without bindings) and they actually came out pretty sick. I get alot of weird looks and strange comments – “what the hell is that thing?” is a pretty common one. Pretty much anyone picking me up on the hitch hike back up thought I was nuts.
Make no mistake- this powsurfing stuff is for real. I cannot believe how much fun I had. No desire to even ride my snowboard in this type of terrain. I can’t wait for next time.
chillin at the backside tree about to drop in.
Buzz helped me out and did a little filming for a run – this made the riding much better for me without a backpack and a camera in my hand. I will post the footy asap.