Grassroots Powdersurfing R&D

Its official – I am going to try to make Grassroots Powdersurfing Company a reality. Time to make the dreams happen- before some big company rips it off.

After 3 and a half years of research and development I think I am ready to do this. We have been dialing in the best shapes for a variety of different styles of riders and terrain. I think I am really close to the best construction possible (with the materials and tools that I have) but I the experimental models are not about to stop – ever. We will be forever evolving to be the best we can be. Over the past few months making powsurfs has really consumed me. I enjoy the challenge of designing, building, and painting them and I am like a little child at Disneyland when it comes to riding them.

I am going to miss “The Powslasher”. It came off the rack and broke this weekend as I was getting all redneck on my sled. RIP

Behold the “Powdershark” Directional big mountain and deep powder slayer.

Jeremy – Wanna-be art fag.
This is the board I made for Lance Pitman. I had a hard time letting this beauty go. So sick.

Dave Smellie and I doing a little R&D in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Beautiful day – Sick pow.

Brock Bitton and the board he made this summer. Sick artwork and some good technology went into this one.

Good things are in the works here. Website is being worked on, artwork is coming together and fabrication is moving along for a few custom pieces we need to smooth out the construction process. These babies are gonna be ready for the public real soon.